Saturday, March 10, 2012

Things I Have Done Instead of Blogging #5

I have listened to music.

More specifically, I have listened to lots of cello music.  I've been to cello lessons, youth orchestra concerts, Indiana State School Music Association competitions, and this week there is an intermediate school orchestra concert I will attend.  I have also listened to Dash practice for hours on end.  And lest you think I am a dragon mom, forcing him to practice until his hands bleed, I never make him practice.  He is just in love with the cello.  And for a kid, who never played any instrument until just over a year ago, he is excelling.  He also might be a wee bit obsessive.  One night, as I was putting Jack Jack to bed, Dash was not practicing his cello.  But, Jack Jack is so used to the sound of that cello, that comes from the bedroom just the other side of the wall next to his pillow, that he said "Mom, I really need Dash to play his cello so that I can fall asleep.  The cello helps me sleep."  And this is a good thing, because sometimes there is cello practicing going on at such odd hours as 11pm, or whenever else the mood strikes him.

I am also lucky enough to hear Violet practicing her violin.  And on some occasions, I can hear a cello in one room and a violin in the other.  She isn't as obsessive as her brother.  But, her high school orchestra class is still the highlight of her day.

Soon, it will be Jack Jack's turn.  I don't know how soon.  I didn't push Dash into music, and will probably wait until Jack Jack is ready.  But, I am very blessed to hear the sound of music bowing through my house, and I hope it continues for many years to come.

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Mom24 said...

Those are true blessings. :)

My oldest two played the sax, my youngest two currently play piano. I love having music in my house too.

Lyndsay said...

That sounds lovely!
A is a musical kid, but so far she's just been interested in singing (I've been to 3 choir concerts so far this month.) I'm hoping that she'll be interested in picking up an instrument soon too.

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