Thursday, June 21, 2012

Things I Have Done Instead of Blogging #9: Summer Is Here!

There are so many things that have been done since I was last here.  Truthfully, I didn't mean to go so long between visits.  But, I did.  Here is a list of just a few of the things I have done when I am not blogging.

1. I have watched lots of baseball.  I have also coached lots of Tball. There are not any pictures of Jack Jack playing Tball, because I was too busy coaching.  And coaching Tball is more like hearding cats than actual coaching.  And I say a lot of things like "Are you watching?"  "Don't play in the dirt." "Are you ready?"  "Don't fall on top of each other!"  But, I have also sat through a lot of Dash's games.  Sometimes we were freezing.  Sometimes we were sweating.  That's Indiana in the spring for you.  And we still have a week or so to go.

2. I have hung out with these guys.  We have gone out to eat.  We have gone to the movies.  We have gone to the beach.  We have bickered in the privacy of our own home.  And sometimes we stopped bickering and smiled all at the same time.

3. I have taken this kid to lots and lots of music things: cello lessons, chamber music group, summer many as the kid can sign up for.  Why can't 12 year-olds drive?  I have also listened to both he and his sister practice their respective instruments for hours on end.

4. Did I mention the beach?  This summer has been unusually hot and dry.  Good for beach days, bad for my garden.  We also tried out Stand Up Paddle Boarding.  The kids were much better at it than me.  But it was fun! And now I am trying to convince my dad to get a paddle board for his beach know, for the grandkids....

5. I've been running.  And since Dash is starting cross country this year, some of my runs have included running with Dash.  And some of my runs have included friends.  And some of my runs have included this beach AND Dash.  I love this beach.

6. I have been drinking beer.  I mainly include #6 because it is important for the fact that I am now trying out new and interesting beers based on their bottle caps.  You know, so I can work on my collection and make this table? I think that these Bell's Ale caps will be a happy addition to my table.

 7. I have been growing things.  Growing things is amazingly addictive and fun and Jack Jack has eaten all sorts of vegetables he would never have even tried before.  These peas and their pods are our favorite so far.

8. I've been checking on my growing things.  Jack Jack is my garden helper.  And he likes to help me check for veggies and fruits and water and feed the plants cool things like egg shells and coffee grounds.

9. I have been knitting.  I have four babies that will be born to our extended family in the next six months.  The first two are baby boys and could arrive any time in the next four weeks.  I have knitted one sweater so far and this one will go to which ever baby boy is born first.  I am currently waiting for my new yarn to start sweater number two.

 10. I have also, occasionally, checked google reader and read a few posts.  I think I am going to delete most of the stuff in my reader so that it is not so overwhelming. There are currently over 1000 unread posts in there  Then, just maybe I will actually comment on a few things this summer.  Or I will just keep knitting, playing, swinging, growing, reading, drinking, beaching, swimming and enjoying my way through this summer in whatever way works.

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Lyndsay said...

All good things!!

Sarah said...

Sounds like a perfect summer.

And this?

"...sometimes we stopped bickering and smiled all at the same time."

I think that happened once here! :)

Kyla said...

Sounds like you've been having lots of fun!

Chocolate Girl said...

i have this fantasy where i know how to knit, but i tried to learn once, and it wasn't pretty. on many levels. so i'm jealous of your knitting skills.

Radioactive Tori said...

Love this!

Emily said...

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Lyndsay W said...

I was commenting on Erin's blog today and clicked on yours for fun.

Look at how little the kids are!

The bottle cap table! You did it!!

Dash was starting cross country!

Geez, time flies.