Saturday, June 11, 2011

Happiness and Joy

I felt happy today.

Actually, I tend toward the happy side of life most of the time.  I am one of those people who is optimistic, most of the time.  I am not Pollyanna, though.  I don't walk around talking about how wonderful things are all the time.  And sometimes I am feeling my way through anxiety and self doubt and worry, and crabbiness, especially the crabbiness, just ask my husband, he'll tell you.  But, the sunny side....yeah, I usually live there.

But, real and true do you know when you have it and when you are feeling it?  Because most of life is made up of tasks and chores that have nothing to do with happiness.  Most of life is more of a contentment than a happiness.  And contentment is good.  But happiness feels better.

And oddly, I noticed this while driving back from the grocery store.  And I took notice because, although it wasn't a bad day, it wasn't anything special in terms of days either.  But, there it was again, that feeling that life is good and I am living it.

There were reasons to not be happy.  The weather was gray and cool.  I have a sick middle child who couldn't go to the batting cages like he wanted to.  I couldn't go to the yoga class I was invited to this morning because I had other things to do.  It was too cold for the beach.  The sun was hiding.  We couldn't try out the new slip and slide.

But, then there was the other stuff.  There was watching Jack Jack have a great time playing t-ball.  There was getting stuff done.  There was a feeling that I was doing things the right way.  There was the promise of the husband BBQing.  There was some of my favorite beer in my grocery bags.  There is the fact that I have only three more work days.  There was a time for a run this morning.  There was snuggling with my boys.  There was a Mary Poppins video (yes a real live VHS old school) and Jack Jack being amazed that I knew all the words to all the songs in the entire movie.

And these are such...plain old, normal, every day things.  And yet, today they made me happy.  And isn't that what true happiness is? Finding the joy in the every day things?

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